This is an analysis of EdgePoint as a product supplier to Canada’s independent financial advisors; advisors with whom individual investors build relationships and consult as they manage their wealth, investments, and often, insurance needs.

Credo’s Methodology

Each year, to generate the annual scores that are reported below, Credo asks more than 1,000 randomly identified personal financial advisors from across the country to react to a standardized battery of brand measurement statements. (Note: if you are interested in reviewing either the demographics, business profiles or psychographics of advisors who indicate they are supporters of EdgePoint.) Together these statements comprise one of three key strategic frameworks Credo uses to assess Canada’s asset-management brands.

Credo invites only advisors who indicate that they are currently working with a specified company to rate that company. This ensures that we are not collecting perception data from advisors who are not adequately familiar with the subject company. By applying this method across all of the companies we monitor, we achieve consistent, comparable brand-measurement statistics.

The results

There are eight graphs in Exhibit 1 below. Each graph represents a separate important dimension of Credo’s model of Advisors’ Willingness to Support suppliers (pictured in Exhibit 2.) Credo uses this model to measure and predict the support advisors will offer a given company.

The data that underpin the model is based on the experiences the company is delivering to the advisor community. EdgePoint’s results are presented in the context of the broader industry. This model is represented by the pyramid that is shown in Exhibit 2, below.

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